Sunday, January 15, 2012

Sofa Design in 1960s Style

There can't be any better sofa design like this sofa, which reminds us of 1960s home designs. The inspiration for the Nelson Marshmallow Sofa (1956) was launched when an inventor approached George Nelson and Irving Harper with a planned self-skinned injection plastic disc that would be inexpensive to produce and unerringly durable. The inventor's vision for high-resiliency, low-cost cushions never came to fruition, but the design was so compelling that Herman Miller chose to produce it anyway. Designed with both residential and commercial applications in mind, the cushions are detachable for easy cleaning and therefore interchangeable to equalize wear. The atom-like appearance of the Marshmallow Sofa is a precursor to the aesthetic style of the pop art of the 1960s. This original is an authentic, fully licensed product of Herman Miller, Inc. Nelson is a trademark of Herman Miller, Inc. It is easy to create a pop art interior design reflecting the years of 1960s with Nelson marshmallow sofa in crepe at Design Within Reach.

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