Wednesday, February 24, 2010

George Clooney Selling His Villa

George Clooney owns a palatial 18th-century home in northern Italy. Now there is a recent rumour that Clooney is selling this glamorous villa, David Beckham and even Silvio Berlusconi are among the candidates for being the new owner of this excellent house!

If press reports are right, George Clooney gets his asking price of 30 million euros ($40.6 million) for Villa Oleandra, lakeside villa in the town of Laglio on Italy’s lake Como. He bought the stately home from the Heinz family in 2001, reportedly for 7 million euros ($9.5 millon).

Exclusive lakeside real-estate such as Clooney’s mansion rarely comes on the real estate property market, and the presence of Clooney himself is the main reason for a recent climb in local real-estate values around the town of Laglio and lake Como region in Italy.

Roberto Pozzi, the mayor of Laglio, has long time ago appreciated Clooney’s draw value for the town, and made the American actor an honorary citizen in 2004. So we all have to wait and see if George Clooney is really selling his precious property in Italy!