Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Island Homes Inspired Garden

The painted doors of island homes inspired the designer to create this mirror’s handcrafted frame. Mirror fits this garden beautifully. How this mirror was made? Designs are painted onto hardwood. Gently distressed for the look a sun-faded antique. Any ordinary garden can be turned into such a sleek style outdoor design with correctly selected and chosen products and accessories even within very small budgets.

Rustic Stylish Corner

A vintage window was the prototype for this character-rich mirror, crafted with beveled mullions and a richly weathered finish. Rustic floor table, rustic stool and a rustic coffee table can be combined with a simple modern sofa in a corner to enrich the environment of the living room in the most practical way.

Decorate with Vintage Accessories

Vintage design is easy once you learn the basic steps. Design and decorate your home with sleek and chic vintage decorative accessories. Complete the interior design of the space with antique decor books for amore vintage look. Earthenware and other complementary decorative objects from old years are always the best way to mix and match for an impressive vintage design in any room of home.