Thursday, January 27, 2011

Decorative Evil Eye Beads

Turkish evil eye beads are very effective for bad energy. They reflect back the bad egergy to where it comes from as believed. So using evil eye beads in home decorations and also in garden and even in office decorations can keepyou away from bad energy, evil eye or from nazar if we have to define it in Turkish. There can be people who don't believe into this superstition, so these people can just use evil eye beads as decor objects. Tones of blue, dark blue, light blue, together with black and white form evil eye bead design. These colors suit every home decor, so evil eye beads can be hanged from trees in the garden as outdoor decor or they can be put into glass bowls in the living room as home decor. In the offices, statues, trinkets, figurines, or decorative vases with evil eye bead patterns can be placed around.