Monday, January 16, 2012

Country Home Design with Leather

Country home design with products, furniture, and design elements made of leather, wood, metal, stone, and with some other natural materials create a perfect harmony in the home. Leather sofas and armchairs are mostly used in country homes. These type of leather furnishings are better to use in large country homes instead of small homes. They can be used in small homes too but they don't create the same effect in the home environment. Leather frames can complete a country home design. Because leather furniture and complementary leather decorative accessories are widely used while designing a country style home interior space. Like prized photos, these handcrafted leather frames exude one-of-a-kind character. Vegetable-tanned with bark and leaf pigments. Chocolate-hued leather retains the tone and texture of the original hide. Edges are roped with hand-stitched trim. Artisan leather frames chocolate at Restoration Hardware are lined with chocolate faux suede.

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