Saturday, March 10, 2012

Cem Yilmaz's Levent Loft Home

Turkish stand-up comedian, showman, actor, writer, filmmaker, and director Cem Yılmaz's home at Levent Loft, Istanbul is designed in a very modern style. Interior design of the residence loft apartment is minimalist and so comfortable with only one word seeing beautiful Istanbul with bird's eye view. Yılmaz, who bought this home 2 years ago, waited for 1 year for the interior design of the home to be finished completely. Large windows of the home are for more sunlight to enter the rooms. Earthy colour tones such as gray, ivory colour, beige, brown, and some other similar colours are preferred in the interior of Cem Yılmaz's Levent Loft home, but we can also see some vibrant colours such as yellow and red to add a little colour to the calm environment of the home. Sofas and dining table of the home are giant size, giving this loft a legendary effect. Contemporary, natural wooden, leather furniture and products, soft natural organic fabrics, wooden and parquet flooring, natural stone, concrete, glass are other materials used in the interior design of this fascinating loft. Since Cem Yılmaz was a caricaturist/cartoonist before he became famous as a stand-up comedian, he is into art a lot and he has real very precious original artworks in his home, these paintings you see in the pictures are all pieces he himself bought from auctions. Besides his frequently changed and updated very well-known sports car collection, Cem Yılmaz can also be defined as a real estate king after hearing about his number of homes all around Istanbul and holiday regions of Turkey. Cem Yılmaz declared his assets a few days ago; 1 villa in Istanbul, 1 villa in Cesme, 6 residence apartments in Istanbul, 2 Porsche, 1 Range Rover, 1 Nissan GT-R, 1 Mercedes SLS AMG, 1 Bentley Continental GT, 1 Mini Cooper. This list doesn't include Yılmaz's assets in the banks.

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