Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Stunning Modern House Design

BUAMA is an interior renovation project for a young couple living in Beykoz, a suburb of Istanbul. As a concept, a new structure is inserted in the existing structure. The new structure maintains the existing heights, yet proposes a more organic solution. The smooth and endless lines reference infinite space, as there is no clear distinction between the floors and walls, or between the walls and ceiling. Light scatters on the organic surface in a way that seems almost limitlessness. The furniture is selectively chosen to unite many different styles.

The young couple has a collection of beautiful antique pieces, and desired to combine the new furniture with this collection. These pieces attract attention in contrast to the smooth surface of the white walls and ceilings. The proposal for the garden’s design also follows the same principles of infinity. Here, the lines seem endless. A place for resting is designed in the space left among the existing trees. This soothing, quiet and relaxing garden space will be where the couple will spend most of their free time. Differentiated, domesticity, and organic are the architectural definitions of the structure of this house. Modern house interior renovation in Istanbul, BUAMA House is a project made by New York, Istanbul, and Bodrum based GAD Architecture.

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  1. Work of natural stone takes time..however it looks awesome!