Monday, February 6, 2012

Industrial Style Brick House

Elements of industrial architecture include brick and concrete. All the furniture used in industrial style brick house is minimalist, modern. The built-in storage, post modern white plastic chairs and combinations of white and natural wood is very harmonious. Terrace looks splendid, there is an old tree and wooden furniture that looks like pieces of an old tree. Combination of walls and stone floor are extra natural elements used in the home. This living space with an impressive fusion of styles in Düsseldorf once used to be a warehouse. Architect Bruno Erpicum from the German design studio AABE redesigned the place so that now it is a fantastic industrial style brick house. He left some brick walls untouched to be able to create more naturalness in the house but to the outside part he put a glass wall on it. Modern, industrial style brick house is a project designed by Erpicum.

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