Sunday, January 22, 2012

Open Block Glass Concrete House

Open block house has transparent and modern look with concrete home architecture. Located in Porto, Portugal with 555 square meter site area, this pure geometric building form of open block house was built to create both comfort and aesthetic for its owners. The basement was developed below the street elevation and organized into a large living area combined with a small multipurpose room, laundry room, a bedroom with bathroom and garage. There is access to recreation area from the different levels of the house through a staircase. The common area on the ground floor with its wide transparent glass windows and glass door installation is connected to the outdoor landscape with its garden and pool features. The first floor with 4 rooms has four bathrooms. This space is framed in a system of cabinets where the doors are nearly invisible, totally integrated in a clear and simple design of the space. All rooms get direct light from the outside, making the most of the potential energy of landscape and the surrounding area. Open block glass concrete house architecture is a project made by ARQX architects.

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