Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Create Antique Corner in Home

Antique and vintage furniture are much better when used in large houses or large apartments, but it is better to use simple formed modern furniture in small homes. Because the space is limited and there are no extra place for such type of furniture. Antique and vintage can also be exhausting in small living spaces. Modern furniture will be enough for small square meter apartments. For the ones who like antique and vintage pieces in their homes, and who have extra place for antique and vintage, this antique wooden chair is really a good piece. Create an antique corner in one of your rooms and bring antique style to your home with antique wooden chair. Stocky antique chair features both an ornate carved design and an intricate cut-out design on its straight back. Designs may vary slightly. Handcrafted of elm and oak. Hand painted. From the Shanxi region of China; circa 1861-1891. Antique wooden chair at Horchow is hand painted.

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